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Buffett is widely known for his value investing style. But in today’s bloated stock market, value is not that easy to find. In certain fast-growing industries, people will sometimes pay over $100.00 for one dollar of a company’s earnings. In some cases, a company can command a huge market cap without having any earnings at all.

As a value investor, Buffett likes companies that can return value to shareholders. And on that front, General Motors has been doing a good job lately.

I have started following his stock portfolio and it is benefiting me.

Some of the stocks I have bought after looking at his portfolio are:
Deere & Company
The Coca-Cola Company 
Phillips 66
Wells Fargo & Company


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Buffett is a big fan of dividends, but if you invest in Berkshire today, don’t expect a quarterly payout. And there is a pretty good reason for it. Why pay out earnings to shareholders when the “Oracle of Omaha” can put them to much better use?

Still, if the goal of your investment portfolio is to generate steady income for years to come, learning from the legendary investor would be a great idea.

I have some stocks which he invests in my list:
Suncor Energy Inc.
General Electric Company
General Motors Company

Source: Warren Buffett dividend stocks

I am waiting to earn from these stocks.

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