Dogo Argentino, that is, otherwise known as Argentinian Mastiff.

I'd never heard of the breed, and none of the gals at work, most of whom have been in the business a while as groomers or veterinary assistants, had any experience with them. But a childhood friend has fallen on hard times, and i am gonna take Elijah off his hands for a little while to give he and his fiance some breathing room while they try to find a place to live and catch up financially. Luckily they've both found jobs and hopefully it won't be long. Not that Eli is especially troublesome, but he's bigger than i am and very immature. I suspect the immaturity is because they're bred to be non-aggressive outside their hunting duties (wild hogs and puma). But he has institutional experience that apparently has not been pleasant. My friend is his 4th owner, he was seized by Animal Control in Fort Worth because of abuse (he has round pink scars all over, looks like cigarette burns, people suck) then was adopted and brought back twice, probably because he was more than the people bargained for, before he wound up with my friend, who has had him about a year now. I have taken him to work and so far it's working out okay, but i noticed yesterday that Guinness, a Golden/Irish Setter/Demon mix who hasn't been neutered, was trying to draw him into an altercation. I don't think Guinness knows what he's getting himself into any more than the folks who tried to adopt Eli before my friend, so i may be bringing Eli back and fostering him here at home.

This is Eli and his owner at my house the day they brought him to me.

DUDE! It is SOOOO rude to carry water around in your jowls and just drop it anyol'where...what the hell is the matter with you...are you some kinda heathen? Lets get Buddy to talk to him.

Here, Buddy Rowell tries to explain manners to the young upstart while Annie Black looks on. Notice that Annie is really looking at me, the photographer, because, hey, she's a princess and princesses must always be appropriately comported when they are in the public eye.