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Hoosier Daddy

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One-in-Four American Children Are Hungry?

By Hoosier Daddy.
Sept. 30, 2015


You’ve heard the tear-jerking commercials: “One-in-Four Children Are Hungry!”, “A Fifth of the Children Don’t Know Where Their Next Meal Is Coming From!” “Little James Can’t Study in School Because He Goes To Bed Hungry!”

No, this is not about Bangladesh or Africa, it’s about the U.S.A!  How can this be in the richest country in the world…a country where we spend trillions on food stamps and welfare, and where there’s a private or church-operated food bank on every corner in major cities?

Answer:  It’s NOT true.  It’s a scam.

Our out-of-control welfare system has created a thriving cottage industry of private “charities” whose CEOs make millions on the “non-profits.” These charities thrive on Americans by carefully written “starving children” propaganda ads and commercials.

So, where to these charities get their statistics?  Simple:  they merely compile data on every family with children who get food stamps, WIC, welfare, free school breakfasts (many schools provide these to their entire student bodies), free or reduced price lunches, and who get free food from food banks, etc. and then extrapolate that the children of these aid recipients must be “hungry” or the recipients would not be in the programs.

They then use their hungry/starving children appeals to get gullible Americans to send them millions and millions of dollars – only a small percentage of which actually goes to food aid.

Also, the political left uses the same data to push for more money-wasting social programs.

That said, many private food banks have picked up on this emotional appeal to cajole people to donate more food. The method may be deceptive and sleazy, but the at least the cause is better than that of the private charities that invented the propaganda. Their appeals are for donations of actual food and not cash. Food banks provide a great service to their communities, even though they are often taken advantage of.

When my children were in school, we signed up for reduced-price school lunches and free breakfasts, as did most of their friends.  Why? NOT because any of our kids were “hungry”, but because only a fool refuses something for nothing when it’s offered - and the schools sent home sign-up forms day after day.  Generally, the kids refused to eat the free lunches because they didn’t like what was being served and they'd buy snacks from the machines in the hall.  But they were counted as “hungry children” by these charities.

A couple of co-workers of mine signed up for a local food bank whose requirements were very loose.  They would go once a week and load up on free fresh produce, bread, some canned goods, and whatever other goodies the food bank had that week. These were people who loved to barbecue and loved their steaks. Since they had to list their children when they signed up, those kids were also counted as being among “the hungry.”

The fact is that if McDonalds started giving out free Kids Meals, everyone who took one would be counted as “hungry” by these charities.

There is no reason for ANY children to be hungry in America…and 99% are not.  We spend literally trillions on food programs for the poor…and you can be considered “poor” and eligible for food assistance if your disposable income is as much as $40,000 a year, under some criteria!  There are food banks in every large and small city.  As Phil Gramm noted in 1984, "has anyone ever noticed that we live in the only country in the world where all the poor people are fat?”

The tiny percentage of children in America for whom sufficient food may not be available are those whose parents are (irr)responsible. Parents who sell their welfare benefits and food stamp cards for drugs…and then are too stoned or lazy to obtain readily available free food or prepare meals.  No amount of money given to these bogus charities is going to help those relatively few children.  It’s only going to line the pockets of the charity CEOs and their staffs.

One-in-four American children are hungry?  Not hardly.  Greedy welfare industry entrepreneurs are hungry for our cash.

There are many deserving charities out there that really help people. St. Jude Children's Hospital is one of my favorites. Don't stop giving to charity, just do your research and give where you know it will make a difference.

Copyright 2015 by the Hoosier Daddy Blog.  May be reprinted if source is linked.


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Oh yes, I firmly believe there are hungry children whose parent(s) are getting food stamps, but it is also evident that their food stamps are being sold or traded for drugs, guns, or favors from neighborhood bosses. 

Food stamps are just as good as cash. As a young marine in foreighn ports I had access to sea store cigarettes. When I went ashore with cigarettes they were just as good as the local currency and I could buy anything I wanted from a couple of beers and a piece of ass to a statue of the Pope. Food stamps are the same idea.
Sword of Justice

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Certainly there are some hungry children in America.  They are the children of druggies and of some of the homeless.  But "one in four"?? That's patently absurd! 

That would mean that in a typical school of a thousand kids, 250 are starving.  Anyone who has kids in school or works around a school knows that's ridiculous.

I'm surprised that anyone falls for this "one in four" nonsense.
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